Why a vegan virtual assistant is better for your vegan business


“Why are you focused on veganism with your VA business?” you may ask. “What are the differences between a regular VA and a vegan virtual assistant?”

Good question!

What if there are VA’s out there that could have a big impact on your vegan business? Even more than a regular VA? Imagine these VA’s can make your business grow even faster because of their lifestyle and skillsets!

What if I tell you there is not 1, not 2, but 7 reasons for that? 

When you sell vegan products or services, it can have benefits to work with a vegan virtual assistant. This, because the VA shares the same moral compass as yourself. You notice the advantages well in writing and other ways of communicating.

In this article, you’ll find 7 reasons why a vegan VA might be a better fit for your vegan business. 

Curious? Keep reading!

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1. They understand what you are talking about

Vegans usually have read a lot about veganism before making the transition. It is a genuine interest for most and therefore comes with a general knowledge of the lifestyle. 

This means they will know the terms and jargon often used amongst vegans. And thus, they will recognize what you talk about when you refer to things. This also can come in handy when he/she helps you out with customer support, for example.

And what is more important; you will never need to explain honey is not vegan and you do not lack protein.


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2. A better connection to your product or service

If you sell a vegan product or service, wouldn’t it be lovely if your freelancer has a natural connection to it? 

We know that every successful company puts a lot of effort into building trust. They want to ensure a lasting impression on their customers. This trust is partially earned by having a strong customer service and/or sales team. People say good customer service is the backbone of the company when it comes to building trust. 

Studies show that you make a trustworthy connection faster and sell more easily when your team member is engaged with your brand and company. 

Engaged employees can see a connection between the work they do and the mission of the business. For many people, work is more satisfying when they believe in what they’re doing and when their personal values align with the values and goals of the company they work for.

Melanie Reid

With a vegan virtual assistant on board, you ticked an important box of engagement to your business. This, because your mission aligns with the morals & values of the VA.

Ready to build some trust and sell some beautiful vegan products!

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3. Knowledge of your vegan audience

By all this time spent on reading about veganism, chances are, they most likely added themselves to some vegan groups on social media platforms too. Or real-life groups, of course. 

You can subdivide vegans into different categories to establish an audience. For example; there are people going vegan for the animals, for the planet or for health. To understand the different reasons why people go vegan makes it easier to write content efficiently and target the right crowd.

This also goes, for example, if your audience consists of non-vegans. The type of communication used while writing about veganism to non-vegans is a delicate task that asks for a certain subtleness if you will. To answer replies on social media, for example. A vegan virtual assistant will presumably have some experience with this and will know how to deal with it well. 

vegan virtual assistant veganism is magic

4. He or she can write neutral, without offending people (unless that is what you want?)

We all see how tricky it can be to write good content on sensitive topics. You want to be informative and nice, yet truthful and transparent. When veganism is your topic, you always find that there is a fine line that separates what you want to say and possible to extreme & offensive language. 

The tone of voice you use in your communication on different platforms depends all on your desired outcome and goals. Your vegan VA will discuss your desires on this topic with you and apply them with ease. If you struggle with making that call, she might help you decide the best approach for your business. 

vegan virtual assistant - Pineapple on floor

5. Better bond = better collaboration = stronger team

This must be the most important one! Your business is your baby, your life and your everything, probably. It must give an itchy feeling to let someone write content for you, or manage your social media platforms while he or she does not relate to your vision or mission at all. It’s like having an IT engineer selling shoes on a busy market on a Wednesday afternoon. It will be a bit awkward and out of place.

You want to create a bond with the people you work with. Your team members should be proud of your business and vice versa. To work with a vegan virtual assistant in your team will feel like having a partner in crime. Without the actual crime of course 😉

vegan team - collaboration

6. Deal with negativity with more ease

As a vegan, you get comments everywhere you go. Not always all negative, but they do appear. Especially on the Internet. Having many of these kinds of conversations teaches you how to deal with negativity in a positive way. You learn how to play with this kind of communication and shape it into a form that you desire and is most beneficial to you.

This experience comes in handy while working for your vegan business. 

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7. Faster growth

With someone on your vegan team who can;

 – Connect, understand and build trust with your audience 

 – Communicate about delicate subjects

 – Deal with negativity easier

 – Become a strongly engaged team member who shares your vision

your chances in the market are greater, you can focus more on your core business and make it grow like never before!

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Let’s face it. There are not many vegan VA’s out there. If you need help with tasks that require less delicate communication like data entry or financial administration, any good VA will do. But in some cases having a vegan virtual assistant can be a significant advantage to your business. Don’t you agree?

To find non-vegan VA’s you can go to pages like; 

https://www.Guru.com/ or https://www.vanetworking.com/

But these websites are not the only places you can go to to find a freelancer. If you want a more detailed overview or more information on how to find a good VA and/or a good vegan VA, keep an eye out for my next post called;

Where to find a virtual assistant, and pick the right one for your business (ULTIMATE GUIDE)

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