Rose is a special and above all creative VA. If needed, she will come up with the most fantastic ideas to use social media platforms. Not just for Linkedin and Facebook, but also for Instagram. Her photos and writing always appeal to the imagination and attracts people. She is an idea-machine who delivers. Because of her authentic involvement and her enthusiastic way of writing, she draws readers into her words in a natural way. She creates a connection without trying. Her blogs are, for this reason, always a joy to read and she has no issues of attracting a broad audience with it. All of the above, and her talent to put matters in the right perspective fast, make her a valuable virtual assistant. Rose touches!
I can’t say enough about Rose and how organized she is. She has helped me on countless occasions with difficult last-minute requests, making bookings, organizing itineraries and even finding suggestions. She handles last minute chaos with grace!
Rose is so far one of the most creative, active and unique persons I have ever known. She has brilliant communication and organization skills that helped me out a lot with developing strategies for different occasions. She helped me to prepare for job interviews, work presentations and to deal with multiple responsibilities while having a huge work overload. Her authentic way of being, ability to listen and understanding people along with her out-of-the-box imaginative ideas make her an incredible personal assistant.