Really? Again?!

Who would have thought..

So here we are again. What were you thinking? I bet you were so excited with finding the first bug (and getting that awesome fun-fact in the end), that you couldn’t wait to keep looking for another one. You are a studious one, aren’t you.

Well, I wouldn’t want to dissapoint you now. Since you’ve came all this way for more information. 
Here’s some cool facts to think of when you are procrastinating on your tax payments again;


In 2007, an American man named Corey Taylor tried to fake his own death in order to get out of his cell phone contract without paying a fee. It didn’t work.

Some fruit flies are genetically resistant to getting drunk, but only if they have an inactive version of a gene scientists have named “happyhour”.

And last but not least; in the video below someone sings for you that you don’t have to worry. From a high viewpoint in Lisbon, Portugal. 
I bet the man has a virtual assistant.


Have a good one. Try to make someone feel good today!

See you when I see you!