Curious about what I can do for you?

Here’s a list of my existing skills. Keep in mind that I am always learning new things. If you need me to pick up on a specific program or skill, I can probably do that without a problem. If we work together you can expect a flexible collaboration, with me adapting to your needs as far as possible.

– Writing (includes copywriting, editing)
– Translations -> English to Dutch and Dutch to English.

– Content creation
– Video + photo creation and editing (basic)
– Website development or set-up

– Social media management 
– Agenda management
– E-mail management

– Customer support (e-mail+social media platforms+websites)
– Travel bookings


At the moment, I am looking more deeply into digital marketing. Soon I will have some more knowledge of sales funnels, lead generation, webinars, e-mail automation and SEO.

Down below you can see the packages I work with. Don’t see a package that fits your needs? Not to worry. I can create and tailor custom packages for you to fit your needs with a minimum of 8 hours. 


Now, are you ready to get some more time for yourself?!