Social media

Company; A Padaria farmhouse, Portugal (2019)
Achievement; Advice on Instagram branding, customer experience including a written review and photo’s for the social platforms. (Some pictures below)

Company; Personal fitness Nederland (2016)
Achievement; Brought the Facebook page from 800 to 5000 in +- 16 months
Facebook page.


Organisation; N.V.V. Dutch foundation of veganism – (CURRENT)

Achievement; Campain ‘Melk, je kan zonder’ – Content creation for the Facebook Page (5000+ followers) & moving content to new website. 

Facebook page.

Organisation; A.C.E. Animal care España (2013)

– Cycle 1200 km to Málaga to raise donations.
– Put together a website and Facebook page.
– Posted a long story & pictures every week for 5 weeks.
– Was on a radio show every week to discuss progress.
– Arranged gear and products in exchange for advertisement online.
– Had an explenatory video made.
– Organized an auction.

– Informing newspapers and giving interviews.
– Speaking on Spanish television about my journey and the organization of A.C.E

Facebook page.

Personal Projects

Company; Vegantravelchick (2016)
Achievement; Instagram page, photo & video editing