Social media

Organisation; The Dutch Vegan Association (2019-2021)
(NVV – Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme)
Work; Content creation on Facebook page of sister campaign ‘Milk, you can do without’ (Melk, je kan zonder) (5000+ followers) 
Facebook page.
Website NVV. 

Company; A Padaria farmhouse, Portugal (2019)
Work; Advice on Instagram branding, customer experience including a written review and photo’s for the social platforms. (Some pictures below) 

Company; Personal fitness Nederland (2014-2016)
Work; Brought the Facebook page from 800 to 5000 in +- 16 months
Facebook page.


Webdevelopment & design

Company: Thuis in tekst. (Dutch Text Agency) (Coming in 2021)
Work; Webdesign and development,  create new housestyle and branding, create online course and monetize
page via e-maillist, freebee’s, landingpages and salesfunnels.
Old website. 

Organisation: The Dutch Harley-Davidson club (H-DCN) (2020)
Work; Webdesign and development, create webshop, new housestyle and branding.

Organisation: The Dutch Vegan Association (NVV) (2019)
Work; Old website transfer to new location (Collaboration)
Wesbite design & development for campaign ‘Melk, je kan zonder’. 
(Milk, you can do without)
Responsible for hompage, newspage and overal adjustments.
Website Melk je kan zonder.
Facebook page campaign.
Website NVV.

Temporary April fools Campaign for MJKZ;

Company: Rose tot the rescue VA
Work; Webdesign and development, create new housestyle and branding.
You are on this website right now 🙂



Company: Rose tot the rescue VA
Work; write Copy, blogs and SEO application for website.

Company: Thuis in tekst. (Dutch Text Agency) (New website coming in 2021)
Work; writing Copy, edit existing articles to blog format and SEO optimisation.



Company: Thuis in tekst. (Dutch Text Agency) (New website coming in 2021)
Work; E-mail management, making appointments and travel&hotel arrangements.

Organisation; A.C.E. Animal care España (2013)
Cycled 1200 km to Málaga to raise donations.
Put together a website and Facebook page.
Posted a long story & pictures every week for 5 weeks.
Was on a radio show every week to discuss progress.
Arranged gear and products in exchange for advertisement online.
Had an explenatory video made.
Organized an auction.
Informing newspapers and giving interviews.
Speaking on Spanish television about my journey and the organization of A.C.E

Facebook page.

Video & photo

Company; Vegantravelchick (2016)
Achievement; Instagram page, photo & video editing