About me

So you’ve made it here; the about page. Welcome!

With degrees in animal behavior & management, fitness and nutrition, you could assume the virtual assistant business is not very suitable for me. The opposite is true.

Since a young age I have been pulling my hairs out worrying about what the heck people are doing to the planet and all the animals on it. I wanted to help, but could only do my small part.
I made some ‘drastic’ diet changes, tried to educate and help others and did my fair share of fundraisers. 

I believe very strongly that we are able to make tremendous positive changes in life if we combine our strengths. This is where the virtual assistance comes in place.

In the previous years I’ve had positions which included; coaching, planning, event organizing, writing and social media management. In all these jobs, there was always something missing; the fact I was helping a company that did not represent who I am, or what I want to see in the world. So, as you can imagine, I am very excited that nowadays I’m able to offer all my different skills to vegan & environmental businesses.

As a vegan myself, I understand precisely what is important to you, and how to imply this in a proper way into your business. When the message you carry is difficult to swallow for many, you have to pick your words wisely.

The ways that I could help you vary from a simple e-mail sorting service, to a full on creative idea machine for your website, social media and branding.

Recently I was helping a client, who has a beautiful guesthouse in Portugal. She needed some new pictures to match her social media accounts and some feedback on the guest experience in the house. Other clients may ask me for; setting up a wordpress website, ideas for a new campaign, blogposts, (copy)writing, translations (Dutch – English), content creation, planning, and if possible; photography and videography.

Sky is the limit really, as I love to learn new things and am open for trying.

Are you curious what I can do for your business specifically? Or do you have some work in mind already? Don’t hesitate to contact me!